. . . . . The Five Divisions of Area VIII . . . . .

Area VIIIArea
Area VIII encompasses the northeastern portions of Los Angeles County and the western edge of San Bernardino County. We have five Divisions listed above. Our divisions are similar in structure but unique in their individuality. Area 8 has a special place in the hearts of many members as Division 01, Pasadena, was the birthplace of the association due to the efforts of Laura E. Settle and a handful of retired educators.

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Area VII is West of us and  includes much of Los Angeles while Area X to our South is best known for Disneyland, Knox Berry Farm and Long Beach.


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Barbara Gera
. . .Area Director
Lily May Cooper
. . . Legislation
Roberta Cendejas
. . . Communications
Pauline Duplessis
. . .Nominations & Elections
Susan Goff
. . . Membership
Patricia Curtis
. . . Resource Services
Rosemarie Hernandez
. . . Insurance


Membership is not restricted to retired educators. If you are currently in education or just interested in our goals, you are welcomed to attend a luncheon meeting, take part in a day trip, or become a member!
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